Bridal Bouquet with Orchids, Calla Lilies and Freesias

Mel and Herby, Little Channels, 5th July 2014

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On 5th of July we made flowers for a lovely wedding and couple at Little Channels in Waltham. The Bride, Mel had decided on a purple theme and was very relaxed with what we made for her and really left all the decision making to us! Although for her bouquet Mel was not keen on a shower or a standard rounded hand tied so we still made the bouquet as a hand tied but slightly trailing making it a teardrop shape so when held over the arm is showered over slightly which looks beautiful, and could also be rested on her arm. The flowers complimented Mel’s silver dress perfectly and she looked stunning! Her little bridesmaids all held small posies of mixed shades of purple and white. For the tables Mel brought us in hurricane lamps to have a mix of flowers to tie in with the bridal flowers with very minimal foliage which gave such an impact of colour on the tables. For the ceremony a silver fish bowl arrangement was made with a mix of Dendrobium Orchids, Vanda Orchids, Hydrangeas, Roses and Lisianthus. A Vase of matching flowers was also made and placed behind the couple. Jam jars were also scattered around the venue. What a lovely wedding to make and pleasure for such a special couple! We wish Mel and Herby all the happiness in the future.