bouquet of brightly coloured flowers

18 Flowers in Season for a Summer Wedding in June, July or August

If you are planning a Summer wedding, it is important to consider what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.  To give you a helping hand, we have listed below a selection of flowers for a summer wedding in June, July or August.

From the classic Roses to statement Proteas; bright and bold Sunflowers to delicate Gypsophila and Veronica.  Your summer wedding bouquets and flower arrangements can be bold, bright and exotic or as subtle and delicate as the summer breeze.

Summer Wedding Flowers

This list is by no means a definitive guide to all the flowers available in the Summer months: it is simply a small selection of some of our brides’ favourites.  Contact our experienced florists to discuss what flowers will be in season for your own wedding.  If the flowers you want are out of season, we will be able to suggest suitable alternatives.

1. Peony

There are not many that can resist the lusciously full bloom of a Peony!  Apparently a favourite of the Duchess of Sussex, this beautiful soft flower is available from May to July.   Available in a huge array of colours and many fragrant varieties these flowers exude English luxury.

Peony flowers arranged in a flass bowl vase

A full bouquet of Peonies can be expensive – although worth the money in our opinion!  However, they can look just as stunning complimented with other smaller flowers, such as Roses, Veronica or even Lily of the Valley.

See more photos from Pip & Stef’s English Country Garden wedding (below), which also featured Hydrangeas, Delphinium and Dahlias.

2. Lavender

At its best from June to July, the uniquely fragrant Lavender is equally at home on its own or teamed with white Roses or Gypsophila.  Whether it is the colour or the scent that you love, your florist can suggest imaginative ways to incorporate it into your wedding flowers.

3. Tulips

Generally considered a Spring flower, tulips are still available in June.  With a multitude of varieties and colours, they make a perfect choice for an early summer bouquet.

Bridal bouquet with Tulips, Daisies, Thalaspi, Veronica & Lisianthus

Tulips add a pop of colour to Faye’s country garden bridal bouquet.

Faye and James’ wedding flowers combined with bright Tulips with Daisies, Thalaspi, Veronica & Lisianthus.

4. Allium

Available from March through to July, these large but delicate blooms are available in pinks, purples and white.

5. Cornflower

These intense blue flowers are quintessentially British.  They will add a real pop of colour to your bouquet.

Nigella, Cornflower, Veronica & Daisy Daisy Bouquet

Cornflower is teamed with Craspedia, Veronica, Tanacetum, Lavender & Nigella in this bouquet

6. Nigella – ‘Love in the Mist’

With such a romantic name, who wouldn’t want to include Love in the Mist (Nigella) in their wedding flowers?  Available in soft pastel blues, pinks and white, its pointed petals and beautiful centres will add texture to your floral arrangements.

7. Dahlia

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, Dahlias are a popular choice for a summer wedding.  From deep reds, through pinks, peaches, lemons, creams and whites, these dramatic flowers can be used in a multitude of different floral designs.

Single Pink & White Dahlias displayed in glass jars

8. Veronica

These spear shaped flowers can be sourced in white, pinks, blues or purples.  They are a perfect filler flower, adding height and texture to your bouquet or centrepiece.

9. Stock

Sweetly scented Stocks are available from March through to September.  Adding both height and perfume, these spears are a popular filler flower for a Summer wedding arrangement and come in a wide range of hues.

10. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are large, statement blooms found in pink, purple, white, blue or even green.  Associated with gratitude and understanding, they work equally well on their own or with many other flowers from roses to freesias

Hydrangea & Rose Top Table Flower Arrangement

Hydrangea teamed with Roses for Claire’s wedding at Gosfield Hall

11. Sunflower

Bold and bright, Sunflowers are a distinctive choice for a Summer wedding.  Symbolising optimism and loyalty, they look stunning contrasted with blues and purples, but equally as beautiful with whites and ivories.  Speak with your florist for some inventive ways to use this iconic flower in your arrangements.

Sunflowers contrast well with purples and blues

12. Protea

This unusual flower will make a real statement. Adding a tropical twist, it looks fabulous teamed with softer flowers such as Astrantia and Gypsophila.

We used Proteas to stunning effect for Natalie’s wedding at Maiden’s Barn in Essex.

Summer Bridal Bouquet featuring ProteasBride and Bridesmaids holding bouquets with ProteasTable Centrepiece with Protea in copper tinsTable Centrepiece with Proteas

13. Rose

The classic rose is available all year round but is at its best during the Summer months. It can be used alone or to compliment a plethora of other flowers.

14. Orchid

Orchids can be either elegant whites and pastels or add an exotic touch with bold colours.  They work particularly well in a cascading bouquet. Mel and Herbie chose bright pruple Vanda Orchids as an accent flower for their wedding at Little Channels.  They were teamed with Dendrobium Orchids, Calla Lilies, fragrant Freesias, Clematis, Phlox and Hydrangea.

Bridal Bouquet with Orchids, Calla Lilies and Freesias

Mel’s bridal bouquet teamed stunning purple Vanda Orchids with Calla Lilies

15. Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)

These dainty white flowers are a popular filler flower, but can look equally beautiful in a bouquet on their own.  They make for an economical, yet charming choice

Gypsophila Bouquets tried with sage green satin ribbon

Wedding table Centrepiece with Miss Piggy Rose and Gypsophila Groom's button hole with Miss Piggy Rose and Gypsophila


16. Freesia

Highly fragrant and available in a wide array of colours, Freesias have a delicate appearance with curved stems.  They can be easily matched to your colour scheme and look great in a corsage. Freesias can be used as accent flowers to add a heavenly scent to your bouquet.

Purple Freesia Bridal Bouquet

17. Calla Lily

Available in many different colours, Calla Lilies are a popular wedding flower.  With their exotic, yet classy, champagne flute look, they make a striking choice for a Summer wedding.

18. Delphinium

Symbolising truth and protection, Delphiniums work especially well in ceremony and reception flower arrangements.  Looking especially wonderful in Summer, they are available in gorgeous shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. These spear like flowers will add height and structure to your arrangement.

Blue Delphiniums and Hydrangea wedding flowers arranged in an urn

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